Aquarius in the near future welcomes Lucy, reminding the lady regarding whom she’s, and you will inquiring if the the woman is disregarded Natsu

Aquarius in the near future welcomes Lucy, reminding the lady regarding whom she’s, and you will inquiring if the the woman is disregarded Natsu

Aquarius instructs Natsu to face off, insisting she’s going to manage Lucy, to which Lucy arrogantly refutes that; unimpressed from the the lady impolite, defiant ideas, Aquarius activates the woman that have an effective assault (laundry away Natsu in the act). not, despite 1st handling in order to restrict Aquarius attack, Lucy’s rapidly overpowered from the the woman, as Aquarius many times smacks the woman across the face, far so you’re able to Natsu’s amaze and you may frustration. She up coming spends the girl secret to show Lucy the girl stored recollections; to start with, Lucy attempts to resist, but soon starts to scream. As he watches on the drinking water, Natsu carefully conveys their concern having Lucy, while the she stops working in the Aquarius fingers, just who completely, but softly, affirms Lucy’s identity to their. With Lucy’s sensory faculties and you may self-term recovered, Aquarius provides this lady an audio, finally spank, and therefore in the end, and you will fully undoes the newest sales, and turns this lady back again to a person. Lucy, apparently no recollections to be an excellent yokai, thinks about as to the reasons the lady cheeks and you can trailing damage really, just before are shocked from the Aquarius’ physical appearance, with Natsu declaring joy and rescue during the Lucy’s come back. Aquarius conveys her wish to assist them to, in advance of Lucy embraces this lady, and you will Natsu thanks a lot the lady.

Later on, once they look for Wendy in addition to Exceeds (together with changed into yokai) and turn into her or him to normal, the issue are explained to him or her. Lucy expresses shame when Aquarius demonstrates she try completely naked, of course Natsu cards one she pushed their deal with on the the woman tits. Later, when having difficulties Youko along with her yokai, Natsu calls out for Lucy whenever the woman is assaulted, and later praises the girl ability whenever summoning the their spirits.

From inside the dinner towards inventor out-of Magia Dragon, Elefseria, the old geezer shrinks themselves so you’re able to easily fit into ranging from the brand new area out-of Lucy’s chest, causing Natsu to track down crazy and you can push his own turn in ranging from this lady chest to eradicate Elefseria out-of around. This causes Lucy locate flustered and have him ”where would do you believe you are falling in between?” [17]

Fairies at Beach [ ]

Which have Sorcerer Journal publish work locate someone out of Fairy Tail are the defense of the most recent mag topic Sorcerer Magazine, Lucy easily welcomes work and you may stumbled on the brand new beach getting the pictures capture. Natsu and Grey out of the blue arrive and are usually amazed that Lucy actually wishing her own bikini, hence Lucy believes which they found discover the lady involved. However, Natsu and you can Gray disregard their after they located a weird looking insect. Lucy gets their attention and you may alerts Natsu and you may Grey you to definitely she cannot forgive him or her when they restrict this new photographs capture. Nevertheless when Natsu and you can Gray say that they’re not trying to find you to, Lucy turned into far more mad and you can asks as to why they were even here. Natsu claims that they came to the new seashore to capture a boar and you may a keen angered Lucy yells during the these to check out a mountain and find that there. Simply upcoming Erza comes up with her hoard of luggage behind this lady, and you may sighs since the she states that the Grasp desires to consume Boar Stew, that have Lucy answers once again to get you to during the a mountain. [18]

Omake Sections [ ]

Grey requires Lucy in the event that she got people experience with photographs capture, which she replies and no. Thereupon, it ask Lucy to apply posing and and make words. Erza and you will Grey comment on her perspective, however, Natsu’s opinion tends to make Lucy stop him regarding the deal with. More sluggish, Lucy becomes best in the posing and you may Natsu and you will Gray feel excited. Which have you to definitely final perspective, Lucy discovers one to Natsu and you can Gray are getting happy as it located a great boar to the seashore. The new guys and Erza chase immediately after they. [19]

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