Application to UK Management Academy as your Kickstart Gateway Provider:

UK Management Academy is a national gateway for the UK Government’s Kickstart scheme and we working with all types of businesses to help support young people with job placements in England, Scotland and Wales.

Organisation Details (As per Companies House)

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I agree that UK Management Academy will act as our Representative Gateway Organisation and agree that my Kickstarter will join UK Management Academy’s Kickstart Programme. I believe that the information provided is true and to the best of my knowledge and awareness. I can confirm that I am an authorised official of the company and can submit this application on behalf of the company. I can confirm that I am fully aware and understand the government criteria for Kickstart grants and make this application with that knowledge. I can confirm that this is our only application for a Kickstart grant and we are not awaiting to hear on any other, nor will we be submitting any additional applications until we hear the outcome of this.